Gentle Breeze

Gentle Breeze

Picture yourself walking along the beach with a glass of prosecco, feeling the 'Gentle Breeze' off the ocean. All you can smell is the beautiful aroma, of Wood Sage & Sea Salt. This is exactly what you'll envison every time you walk past this one of a kind candle. This beauty is such a statement piece. It would look stunning as part of a tablescape or at the entry way of your home. The candle unlit, gives off a great scent throw, which means it doesn't need to be lit to smell the beautiful aroma as you walk by. 

  • Size

    25.75"L x 6"W x 2.25/2.75"H

  • Details

    40oz + 5 wick

    Natural Soy + Coconut Wax

    Phthalate free fragrance oils and/or essential oils

    Hand poured in small batches

    Cotton wick (coated with vegtable oil &  lead free)

    Hand carved dough bowl made from 100% Paulownia hardwood

  • Maker

    Made with love + care in Chestermere, Alberta by Becks & Co.

  • Shipping

    NOT available for shipping

  • Additional Info

    You can keep the candle unlit, as a statment piece, or of course, burn the candle and enjoy more of the aroma. The candle is large but will have a quick burn time due to the shallow bowl and large number of wicks.

    Once the candle is burnt, scrape out the remainder of the wax, take the wicks out and you'll be left with a beautiful dough bowl to use as decor.

    Once fully burnt, there is a refill option for the candle - Please message us to go over details.